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Some Champion Reviews

"... I have already recommended the program to 3 colleagues, who have all come back profoundly thanking me and experiencing the same results I have."

Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie, MAICD | TEDx Speaker & Certified Facilitator of LEGO® Serious Play
"Landi is a great visionary She has an amazing capacity to unpack and (re)pack complicated theories into a simple formula for people to understand and implement..."

Diana Lui, Entrepreneur | Career Development Coach
"I'm blown away. Mike is insightful, funny and really knows what he is talking about. He makes it easy to understand and provide me with the tips and tools I need to take my speaking business to the next level."

Dr. Rowan van Dyk | Relational Expert Consultant | Speaker
"I'm very experienced in speaking and consulting, yet it's so important that you invest in people with an outside perspective and lots of experience to enrich your own ideas. This is what Mike and Landi does."

Rainer Petek | Strategic Advisor | Speaker | Extreme Mountaineer | Author

Accessible From Multiple Platforms

The Business Survival Blueprint™ is created by Award-Winning Global Strategists Mike Handcock and Landi Jac. Watch the revolutionary material with your team, and share the costs with a colleague. This online course will show you how to repackage your products and services in a way that is more flexible. You will discover sales intelligence that is easier and will increase your cashflow faster. Learn who specifically to approach and collaborate with during this time and discover the skills that will safeguard your business and family from crisis situations in future. You will receive massive value and rare insights.

What You'll Learn


How To Create Multi-Dimensional Solutions

Gain a deep understanding of the 3am mind, how to create a 3-Dimensional Offer that rocks and how to implement the law of opposites to change your results today.


Access To Superior Sales System Intelligence

Don't waste precious time, we'll share with you how to get the RIGHT referrals, 5 steps that will ensure success in meetings and give you a template to retain existing clients.


Unlock the Power of Collaboration 
With Trust 

Understand the true power of TRUST, and the gold in unconventional micro-influencers in todays environment, plus get onboard and master the new world of online events.


Get Insights Into Critical Skills For
The Future

The skills that got you to where you were in your 20's, simply don't work in the 30's and they don't work in the 40's and only some work right now in the Midst of COVID. Learn what you need right now.


Claim Back Your Confidence, Cash and Credibility  

Many entrepreneurs struggle with confidence, and this creates low cash flow, credibility and difficult collaboration. These 4 are in a cycle and exist in an eco-system. You will learn how to crack the code.


Enjoy Global Connections To Other Students

Our Octopus Tribe is a private community of business owners and experts from all over the world. Active students of the Business Survival Blueprint™ and all our online platforms get updated in here.

The Business Survival Blueprint™ 
Is Created Just For YOU IF

  • You Need More Predictable Income: Our limited offer gives you access to powerful sales techniques that saves lots of time
  • Your Clients Are Not Paying: Our solution shows you smart client retention conversations that will increase your confidence
  • You Want To Repurpose Your Offers: Get insights into flexible solutions so that your business can become more crisis-resilient 
  • ​​You Are Unsure Who To Deal With: Learn new, effective methods of collaboration so that you can leverage the right crowds
  • ​​You Crave Clarity On WHO Your Client is Now : The Blueprint helps clear out the fog so you can redefine your ideal niche 

For a Limited Time Only: Just $144USD

Sample Videos from Business Survival Blueprint™

Get Familiar With The Voice of Mike Handcock and Landi Jac 

Business Survival Blueprint™
Course Structure

About Your Course Lecturers

Mike Handcock & Landi Jac

Award-winning entrepreneurs, best selling authors and international speakers. Mike and Landi own five companies that trade in 50+ countries globally. In the past three years, they have conducted over 100 Masterminds hosted face to face in 17 countries. This grass roots intelligence sets them apart, in the top 0.1% of people who learn and teach best practice from operating on the ground and not from what they learnt from Google.

Landi has her Masters in Economics and Industrial Psychology, whilst Mike is just one of 35 only globally certified speakers. With five international best selling books and clients that rave about them, Mike & Landi are here to help you.
Amazon #1 
Best-Selling Book
Get your copy of Conscious Leadership and learn how to thrive in the new world's business eco-system. Students who enrol in the Business Survival Blueprint™ will receive a complimentary copy. 

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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